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Kataloğumuzu İncelemek İçin Lütfen Tıklayın

Our company, which has been in the building sector since 1997, has maintained its place in the sector with the principle of quality and innovation every year. functionality is tested and delivered to our customers.

Our company is increasing its potential in domestic and foreign markets with unconditional customer satisfaction, innovation and technological developments. The main objective of Tecnoplas in production policy is to meet all demands and needs in all production levels, from profile production to side products at sectoral level and to eliminate foreign dependency in the sector.

We have 7 different products to offer our customers economical, aesthetic and modern product variety. Tecnoplas 9 regional directorates in Turkey, except for our dealer network of nearly 420 dealers and 300 abroad, we are meeting our customers with rich colors and varieties lamination.

We continue to provide fast, high quality service to our customers' demands in our new facility with a total closed area of 40.000 m2. TECNOPLAS is a world brand that competes not in price but quality.

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